MATSim Visualization

Loading network, population and events from MATSim, Via is able to quickly give a visual overview of a scenario. Where are traffic jams, where do the agents come from that are stuck, and what's the occupancy of transit vehicles? Find out with just a few clicks!

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MATSim Analysis

Via is able to extract key values from MATSim's simulation results, presenting them visually on a map, as chart or as data table. Options allow user's to interactively filter the data, restrict analyses to specific person groups, and specify custom time windows for analysis.

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Spatial & Temporal Data

Most of MATSim's data is distributed in space and time. But Via not only handles MATSim data, it can work with any other spatial and temporal data sets. This makes Via the preferred tool to visualize and analyse GPS tracks or other similar big data sets.

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