What's new in Via 1.8 (Part IV)

In this video, we have a look at the enhanced XY Plotter in Via 1.8, now capable of visualizing different coordinates and showing static or animated lines and areas.

Created September 06, 2017

What's new in Via 1.8 (Part II)

Learn how to work with custom attributes for links, node, and vehicles in the new Via 1.8.

Created August 31, 2017

What's new in Via 1.8 (Part I)

This first video about the new Via 1.8 gives an overview of many of the great enhancements and new functions. Some of the topics will be covered in more details in upcoming episodes about the new Via 1.8.

Created August 30, 2017

What's new in Via 1.7 (Part III)

This video tutorial presents the following topics:

  • The heavily improved XY Plotter
  • Custom symbols, to be used in the XY Plotter
  • Triangular grid for Aggregator


Created August 18, 2016

What's new in Via 1.7 (Part II)

In this short screen recording, the following features are presented:

  • The new emissions plugin
  • Improved visualization on top of Web Maps
  • Improved visualization options for shape files


Created July 08, 2016

What's new in Via 1.7 (Part I)

In this video, we show you how the new label-feature in Via 1.7 for nodes, facilities and vehicles can be used to easily create visualizations that are immediately understandable.

Created June 17, 2016

What's new in Via 1.6 (Part III)

In this video, the often-requested "Legend" feature is presented. The video shows how the legend can be enabled and how it can be customized.

Created May 20, 2016

What's new in Via 1.6 (Part II)

In this short episode we introduce "Presets". Presets are a new functionality in Via 1.6 that allow to easily switch between different visual settings and locations to quickly highlight different aspects of a MATSim simulation.

Created April 15, 2016

Showcase: Evacuation Simulation due to Bushfires

What happens in case of a bushfire in the Austrialia? How do people leave the endangered area, and what is the best way to do so? Using MATSim combined with BDI agent decision making, Lin Padgham, Professor in Artificial Intelligence at RMIT University in Melbourne, and Dhirendra Singh simulate the evacuation process due to bushfires in Austrialian communites. The results of those simulation processes are then visualized with Via. 

Created February 26, 2016

What's new in Via 1.6 (Part I)

We've prepared again a video showing some of the new features in Via 1.6. The topics covered in this video:

  • Improved Setup dialog for Networks
  • Displaying link labels
  • Setting link transparencies
  • Intersection Flow analysis


Created November 09, 2015