Showcase: Evacuation Simulation due to Bushfires

What happens in case of a bushfire in the Austrialia? How do people leave the endangered area, and what is the best way to do so? Using MATSim combined with BDI agent decision making, Lin Padgham, Professor in Artificial Intelligence at RMIT University in Melbourne, and Dhirendra Singh simulate the evacuation process due to bushfires in Austrialian communites. The results of those simulation processes are then visualized with Via. 

Created February 26, 2016

Seoul Visualization


The MATSim model of Seoul Metropolitan was developed in 2012 as a result of long-term research collaboration between the University of Seoul (Prof. Seungjae Lee) & ETH Zürich (Prof. Kay W. Axhausen), with additional support from Senozon. The model was updated on a yearly basis and the demand is generated based on 2012 Household Travel Survey Data (HHTSD).

Created November 01, 2014

MATSim Singapore

At the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore, a group of researchers uses MATSim to model the traffic in Singapore. They use Via to visualize their simulation results, and do so in a stunning way. They have created a video which explains in a few minutes what MATSim does and how it works and illustrate it with beautifully animated simulation results from the Singapore model.Have a look at the video on Vimeo, and make sure to watch in HD and full screen.

Created October 01, 2014