Analyzing MATSim data

Via has several highly useful analyses built-in to quickly interprete MATSim simulation results. Many of the analyses allow exporting the data in a tabular form as CSV or Microsoft Excel files. The following gives an overview of the analyses built into the core application. Plugins typically offer additional analyses.

Network Analysis

  • Network Statistics
  • Link Volumes: time-dependent (15-, 20-, 30-, 60-minute intervals)
  • Average Link Speed: time-dependent (15-, 20-, 30-, 60-minute averages)
  • Link Volume Differences: time-dependent differences in link volumes between two scenarios, e.g. base-case and case-study
  • Select Link Analysis, time-dependent: Shows the routes of all vehicles within a time-interval on a selected link

Agents Analysis

  • Query agents' plan
  • Filter agents: Only show activities and vehicles of specific agents
  • Leg Mode statistics: See the number of departures of each leg mode over time

Facility Analysis

  • Select Facility Analysis, time-dependent: Shows the routes of all vehicles leading to and from a selected facility
  • Facility Occupation: Analyze how many agents are arriving or leaving at a facility. Filter by activity type, differentiate by arbitrary agent attributes or leg modes