Via can be extended with several plugins:

Public Transport

Visualize transit lines and routes, analyze vehicle occupancy, passenger flows at stops, and more.

Learn more about the Public Transport plugin

Car Counts

Compare your simulation results to real world data from counting stations in a variety of customizable statistics.

Learn more about the Car Counts plugin

Aggregation Analysis

Analyze arbitrarily filtered data in an aggregated manner to quickly and easily show the essential meaning of your data.

Learn more about the Aggregation plugin

Movie Recorder

Directly record your animated visualizations into a movie file for easy sharing, or convert your previously recorded screenshots into a high-quality movie file.

Learn more about the Movie Recorder plugin

Map Backgrounds

Use maps from OpenStreetMap, Bing or other web services as backgrounds in Via, or load your own GeoTIFF file as a background image.

Learn more about the Map Backgrounds plugin

Fancy Vehicles

Bored by the simple colored vehicles in your visualizations? Try a number of refreshing alternatives on how to visualize vehicles.

Learn more about the Fancy Vehicles plugin