Aggregator plugin

Point Aggregation

The Aggregator plugin allows to aggregate spatial point data into zones. It supports the following types of zones:

  • rectangular grid
  • hexagonal grid
  • use ESRI Shape files for zones

It supports the following data sources:

  • custom spatial point data from text or CSV files
  • activity locations
  • facility locations
  • leg start or end coordinates


The data points can be filtered by arbitrary, available attributes:

  • arbitrary attributes loaded from text or CSV files
  • transport modes of departing or arriving legs

Aggregated value per zone can be calculated as:

  • number of aggregated data points
  • sum of the value of an attribute of the aggregated data points
  • minimum or maximum value of an attribute
  • average value of an attribute
  • share of a subset of the points based on a specific value of an attribute (e.g. mode-share for trips)

Origin-Destination Aggregation and Analysis

Aggregate data having a start and an end coordinate, like person or vehicle trips. Trip start and end locations can again be aggregated into rectangular grid, hexagonal grid or custom zones defined by a shape file.

It can use custom text or CSV files as data sources as well as the simulated legs.

It supports the following analyses:

  • filtering trips by arbitrary, available attributes
  • Selectively show where trips end, given a selected zone where trips start; or vice versa: show where trips started that end in a given zone