Map Background plugin

The Map Background plugin provides different ways to include maps as background images:

  • Web Map Tile Service (WMTS): Also known as slippy maps, this is how most maps displayed on internet pages work. Via can directly use maps from OpenStreetMap (several rendering styles), Google Maps, Bing Maps (roads or satellite imagery) and other map providers. Custom map providers can simply by added by providing the corresponding URL.
  • Web Map Service (WMS): Many GIS institutions provide renderings of their geodata using the web map service (WMS) standard. Via can connect to such data providers and show maps provided from WMS as background.
  • GeoTIFF, Raster Images: GeoTIFF are pixel image files with an additional geographical extent. Often, cadaster maps or extracts from official maps are available in this format. Via can load such images and place them automatically at the right position.